Bloem Eco Self-Watering Modern Planter Flower Pot

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It's finally here! An earth friendly pot that looks good and is good for improving indoor air quality. This 100% biodegradable pot is made from straw, coffee, nut husks and natural binding agents which are resin based and low impact on the environment. This is not a soft peat pot that breaks down after getting wet a few times. It’s a hard, tough, long lasting pot that will not break down until it enters the compost pile after many years of use. You will love this self-watering planter that is both contemporary and versatile. This pot can be used indoors or outdoors, no saucer is needed. Color is a concrete gray. How a self-watering planter works: Water the plant as normal from above the soil. Any excess water not absorbed by the soil gets collected below the soil line in a hidden water reservoir, at the base of planter, approx. 2.75” deep. The potting soil is held above the water reservoir by a sturdy mesh screen. This ensures healthy plant roots and no root rot. A wicking rope runs from the water reservoir up through the soil. As the soil dries, capillary action draws more water up from the wicking rope to plant roots as needed. This “self-watering” process ensures the right amount of moisture is in the soil, as well as, good air flow inside the planter for healthy and strong root growth. Save time by watering x2-x3 times less frequently with this planter. It is also fun and easily to monitor the water level in reservoir with the planter’s easy to read water-level indicator located directly above the soil line. By owning this beautiful planter, made of 25% resin and 75% natural plant fibers, you are helping to reduce the environmental impact of plastics and supporting eco earth-friendly products. Great for the frequent traveler, those with busy schedules or makes a great gift for that eco-conscious friend. (*Plants not included). Self-watering with water level indicator, wicking system, hidden water reservoir and removable overfill drainage plug on outside of planter. Hard, tough and long lasting planter. Removable drainage plug on the side of planter can be removed at any time. Large pot size (11.75”W x 8.5”H) is perfect for orchards, indoor and outdoor plants, flowers, herbs or vegetables. Sustainable gardening – earth friendly alternative to plastic pots.Self-watering with water level indicator, wicking system, hidden water reservoir and removable overfill drainage plug on outside of planter.

Brand Bloem
Color Concrete Gray
Manufacturer Part Number BK-7033
Manufacturer Bloem
Shape Round shape
Material Plant fibre 75%; resin 25%
Recommended Use Outdoor Living, Indoor Planting
Price per Unit 28,98
Unit each

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